The show has been created by an outstanding Spanish ballet and flamenco dancer and producer Carlos Rodriguez. “Admiring pictorial work of Picasso and reading his poetry has driven me to identify the scent of silence…the eye of the agonizing bull…the flower piercing the heart…the melody hidden in the guitar…the fire in the throat…the song of colours…the mirrors in the water…the liquid arms…”, says Carlos.

What did Picasso see and feel? How did he assimilate things and turned them into the greatest art of all times? “The paintbrush was his weapon and his shield, and that is what I intend to reveal with this choreography. The music, the light, the scenography, the costumes…dancing, feeling, creating, and touching through emotion. Not just to focus on appearances, but to find a deeper reality, like in dreams”, – says Carlos.

This feeling will reach the audience of ETERNO, and will take them to the very depth of emotions where the great painter found his inspiration.

ETERNO, with 11 dancers and 6 musicians (each with multiple Spanish and international awards for professional and artistic excellence), is a journey through Spanish ballet, the power and tradition of flamenco and Spanish dance, and the eternal legacy of the incredible artist Pablo Picasso…

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June 7              |  Teatro EDP Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

June 8              |  Teatro EDP Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

June 9              |  Teatro EDP Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

June 10            |  Teatro EDP Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

June 11             |  Teatro EDP Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

June 17             |  Teatro Victoria Eugenia Antzokia, San Sebastian, Spain

September 23  |  Auditorio Victor Villegas, Murcia, Spain

October 14       |  Teatro Circo, Albacete, Spain

December 15   |  Teatro Calderon, Valladolid, Spain

December 16   |  Teatro Calderon, Valladolid, Spain

December 17   |  Teatro Calderon, Valladolid, Spain



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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ~ Plato